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Transforming Writer Mindset —

If you are a writer, you have come to the right place. Forget all of the qualifiers like “wanna-be”, “aspiring,” and “professional.” No matter where you are on your writing journey, attending to your mindset can bring you back to the joy of the process, melt away blocks and obstacles, and get you started living your wildest writer dreams.


Meet Kerry — Author, Speaker, & Writing Coach

Kerry Schafer, author, writer mindset coach, and speaker  Photograph by Diane Maehl

Kerry Schafer, author, writer mindset coach, and speaker

Photograph by Diane Maehl

I'm Kerry Schafer, (pen name Kerry Anne King), and I know from long experience how much it hurts to be blocked from pursuing your creative calling.

Today I’m a bestselling author, but I spent a large chunk of my life putting everything and everyone else  before my writing, not understanding that my need to write is exactly that: a need. Not a luxury, or a frivolous waste of time, but a process as vital to my well being as food.

It took the sudden, tragic death of my husband to teach me that writing needs to happen now, not in some nebulous future. And it took a lot of years after that to learn how to embrace my own unique writing process and to get to my writing consistently—and with joy.

This is what I want to share with you.

Transforming your writer mindset makes writing easier—a lot easier.

Imagine this:

Instead of doing constant battle with your inner critic, you accept it, integrate it, and turn it into an ally.

Instead of fighting your natural process, you learn to work with it.

What would it feel like to dive into flow instead of procrastinating, beating yourself up, and chaining yourself to your desk in order to get your writing done?

Coaching for Writers —

Just think about how much energy you’ll have available for the creative act of writing if you’re not expending it all battling your demons! This is where my writer mindset coaching comes in.

And now you are squinting your eyes at me and wondering if I’m trying to sell you snake oil. I promise, I am not!

Through a combination of individualized guided meditations, forgiveness work, Emotional Freedom Technique, journaling, and forward motion steps so small that they are painless and free of fear, I help writers just like you ditch their doubts, dance with their demons, and delve into creative delight so they can get their books out of their heads and onto the page where they belong.

Learn how to make writing easier

Kerry Schafer, Writing Coach

By training, I am an RN, a licensed mental health counselor, a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, and a Myers-Briggs practitioner. By nature, I am highly intuitive and an empath, who is a little bit woo woo while still grounded thoroughly in the real world.

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Client Reviews

After spending several years on an impossible book, I finally finished it. I feel so liberated that I finally sorted it out, and found my way through. Kerry started me on the path.
— New York Times bestselling author and literary agent, Deidre Knight
Huge thanks to Kerry Schafer for helping me across the finish line—if you’re ever stuck, I HIGHLY recommend her creativity coaching!
— Elizabeth Blackwell, author
Swimming North in creativity coaching with Kerry Schafer opens doors and windows to the universe. Aha moments come quick and fast with Kerry’s gentle guidance, and your confidence will grow three sizes from her observations.
— ~Lael Braday, writer and book reviewer
Kerry Schafer is one of those exceptional people you just want to be around. Wise, funny, and insightful. I made progress because showing up to her sessions were a uniquely delightful experience, her fun follow-ups were creative and inspiring, she was intuitive enough to see things that I missed. If you’re not getting to your creative passion, you don’t respond to most coaching models, and you like fun, I highly recommend you give Kerry a try.
— Jill Badonsky, Author and Founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Training
Kerry’s style of coaching will take you on an unexpected journey that will unlock your imagination.
— M.B., Client
Kerry was a joy to work with, thoughtful and easy to talk to. Her down to earth approach leads to beneficial outcomes. Her creative spirit is infectious and allows a natural unfolding of small steps toward your goals. I found her an insightful and empathetic coach and a pleasure to work with.
— Vicky-Jane Newman

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