Write at Your Edge: the place where creative magic happens

The writing process thrives on a balanced edge of challenge, support, and refilling of the creative well. Without these elements, we can get stuck. When we lose this balance, we can fall into burnout, writer’s block. procrastination, avoidance, and just not getting around to our writing.

When we find that balance, creativity unfolds almost by magic and we find ourselves bringing our best writing ever out of our heads and onto the page.

As both a best-selling author and a master Kaizen-Muse Creativity coach, what lights me up is a combination of reaching my own writing goals and assisting other writers in transforming their dreams into reality. I believe that writing is both a gift and a sacred calling and that we deserve to prioritize it in our lives. My mission, outside of writing my own books, is helping other writers get their books out into the world.

And that is why I am starting a Write at Your Edge writing group.

Here’s what your membership gets you:

  • A Goal. Membership requires either that you come into the group with an adrenaline inducing goal already in place, or that you are prepared to create and commit to one for 2019. I have an awesome class in the works for early January that will help you with that if you could use a little motivation and tweaking. I also have a limited number of individual coaching slots available if you want to take this work even deeper.

  • Discounts to all classes I offer in 2019.

  • Support and accountability from both myself and the members of the group.

  • A monthly virtual writer’s social. We’ll meet on Zoom to talk about what’s going on and get to know each other better.

  • Weekly virtual write-ins where we will just gather and get words written. No chatter, no fuss, just action and accountability.

  • Magic. The simple act of investing in your writing and making it a priority ignites creative magic.

Are you in?

Join before January 1 and get the Intrepid Writer Pricing of only $100/year. Less than $10/month gives you motivation, support, accountability, and discounts to upcoming classes. If you join now as an Intrepid Writer, I’ll add in a Dream to Reality journal, an almost magical tool for developing self trust and faith that you can reach your goal.

Only you can write your book. And the world needs to hear what you have to say.

Are you ready to turn your writing dream into reality? Click the button and email me with the subject Write at Your Edge and tell me about your writing goal