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— Magic Happens at the Edge—

After spending several years on an impossible book, I finally finished it. I feel so liberated that I finally sorted it out, and found my way through. Kerry started me on the path.
— ~Deidre Knight, New York Times bestselling author and literary agent
Kerry’s coaching is thorough and targeted (like a Ty-D-Bol flush for the psyche, a Marie Kondo purge for the creative soul) and her meditations helped clear the cobwebs of old, bad habits and behaviors.
— Karen Carroll, writer

Make Writing Easier

You are here - and that means you are ready to activate some serious writing magic, even if you’re blocked or stalled by self doubt, perfectionism, life circumstances or burn out. Even if you have a hundred drawer novels. Even if you haven’t even gotten started yet. If you are happy with your writing life already, then this is the work that will take you deeper into your own process and more fully into the wonder of your own creative self. Having an experienced mindset and writing coach by your side will give you the tools to make writing easier, help you find your motivation to write, and unleash your full creative potential.

Working with Kerry

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Dancing With Your Demons

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Straight up honest moment
: I do not guarantee you’ll get published or be famous or make a ton of money writing. I do promise that I can help you get to your words, keep coming back to your words, and do so with greater joy and insight. I am not a book coach or an editor, but I can help you find the magic of your own legendary creative process. That, in turn, will help you access your deepest creativity and trust it enough to take the creative risks that will set your writing apart from that of all the other writers out there. I can help you manage your fears and turn your inner critic into an ally so that you spend less time procrastinating and avoiding and more time writing.


League of Legendary Writers
Membership Group

A group for writers on a quest to take writing dreams from "someday" to NOW through the magic of Accountability, Motivation, Creative Play, Companionship, and Support.

Let's put your awesome writer imagination to work. Roll forward in time to a year from now, and picture this.

You've transformed the way you come to your writing. You show up consistently to the page and it feels amazing. You have writer friends and support systems in place to help you through the hard spots.

In fact, you've completed writing your book and have printed off a copy.

You look at that stack of pages, knowing the investment of time, energy, and focus that have created them. A warm glow of accomplishment flows through you.

More than that, you know, once and for all, that you are a Legendary Writer on a quest to fulfill a Legendary Dream.

For $15 a month - which is probably a fraction of what you spend on coffee or chocolate - you get access to an exclusive group of writers who are invested in living their writing dreams.

Based on the principles that make Nanowrimo work so well for so many writers -- without the crazy time crunch--the League is designed to help you get writing and keep writing at any stage of your writing journey.

Here are some of the things you will get when you decide to invest in your writing and join the League.

  • Accountability: Set yearly, monthly, and weekly goals and declare them to the group--then come back around and assess your progress and adjust either your goal or your plan as needed so that you don't just think about writing, but actually get yourself to the page

  • Motivation: Get support from others in the League and borrow their energy and momentum. Join in our virtual write ins. Share your successes, large and small, at our monthly YOU DONE GOOD virtual celebration so that you build momentum and get the achievement endorphins that keep bringing you back to your words. Get motivated to write.

  • Creative Play: Free up your brain and your creativity with fun creative games and prompts to keep your ideas fresh, amuse your inner child, and feed those happy endorphins

  • Companionship: Connect with other writers so you are not facing those moments of doubt and despair alone.

  • Support: Ongoing support from me, a writing mindset coach and experienced writer who is still in the trenches, writing along right beside you.

Join the League. Embrace Your Legendary.


Dancing With Your Demons
6 Week Class or Group Seminar

Whether you do this work as part of a six-week online group, a weekend seminar, or through individual coaching for writers, it will transform the way you come to your writing. You’ll apply the power of forgiveness to those who have wounded your creative soul as well as your own critical, judgmental self and all of the ways it has held you back. You’ll learn to use Emotional Freedom Technique to disrupt unhelpful thought and habit patterns and calm anxiety. You’ll learn to identify and change your self limiting and self sabotaging behaviors so you can grow into your dreams. You’ll dive deep into your subconscious through guided meditations designed to access your own inner wisdom and initiate change from the inside out. Find lasting motivation for writing. Plus an abundance of gentle, inspiring creativity tips from the Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching philosophy.

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Myers-Briggs Temperament Index
Creativity Consult

Embrace your strengths and ditch your weaknesses with your official Myers-Briggs Profile and Creative Process Consult

Powering up Your Process with your unique MBTI Profile will allow you to work with your natural preferences, instead of against them. A lot of writers have been indoctrinated into trying to approach their writing by using a set of tools and procedures that are the equivalent of writing with your non-dominant hand. It's possible, but it's hard work!

Through this assessment and one-on-one consult process you will gain an understanding of your MBTI type and the way you most naturally (and easily):

  • direct and receive energy—by focusing on the outside world, interacting with people and taking action, or by focusing on your inner world and reflecting on ideas, memories, and experiences

  • take in information—by focusing on what you perceive using your five senses or by seeing the big picture and looking for relationships and patterns

  • make decisions and come to conclusions—by logically analyzing the situation or by considering what’s important to the people involved

  • approach the outside world—in a planned, orderly way or a more flexible, spontaneous way.

You’ll get an initial consult with me, a Myers-Briggs practitioner, access to an online assessment platform, and a follow up session to discuss and apply your unique Myers-Briggs Step Two results to your writing process.

What it Costs: $175

Power Your Process with the Myers-Briggs Temperament Index


One-On-One & Group
Coaching Packages

I design coaching packages for writers based on individual needs and experience, ranging from basic to premium, focused on mindset and motivation for writing. I can also come speak with your group at a seminar or retreat.

Schedule a free consult to discuss your unique situation and what would work best for you.

Huge thanks to Kerry Schafer for helping me across the finish line—if you’re ever stuck, I HIGHLY recommend her creativity coaching!”