Dance With Your Demons

Imagine this -

You wake up in the morning full of joy and creative enthusiasm, eager to get to your writing. You’re like the Midas of the Writing World (in a good, non-miserly way with no resulting disasters.) Everything you see, touch, smell, taste, or hear adds to the writing ideas already percolating in your head. You feel a delicious freedom to explore the depth of your creativity and a sense of purpose fuels you whenever the words drag their feet a little getting on the page.

You’ve done the work on your own writer mindset that gives you the power to calm writer anxiety. When doubts or procrastination pop up, you know exactly what to do to settle them back down. You understand your priorities and how time flows for you. You are able to set boundaries around your time and energy.

Think this can’t happen for you? It CAN.

  • Even if you’ve always wanted to write but never gotten started.

  • Even if you’re burned out and discouraged.

  • Even if you’ve had some success and now the pressure seems to have shut down every creative cell in your body.

  • Even if everything you write meets with rejection and you’re just so tired of slogging along you are thinking about quitting.

  • Even if you feel guilty about writing and believe that it’s a luxury.

  • Even if your life is crazy and you have no time to fit in writing.

Trust me, I get it. I have been all of these things. And now I’m joyfully living an abundant writing life full time. I want to share all of the things I’ve learned with you (well, not ALL of the things, because this free course is just a small sampler) so that you can more freely and joyfully inhabit your own creative writer soul.

If you are falling into bed at night frustrated and exhausted with too many of your words still unwritten, it's time to change all that.

And this is a wonderful place to begin. Small steps. Right now.

The choice is yours.