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Imagine a writing life free from the negative voice of your inner critic…

 What stories would you write if you believed you couldn’t fail?

How much time would you have for writing if anxiety and resistance didn’t seduce you into procrastination?

Can you imagine the creative energy and joy you might feel if you could let go of your doubts and limiting beliefs and be the writer you always dreamed of being?

Good news! You can have the abundant, joyful, writing life of your dreams even if:

  • you are a veteran procrastinator

  • you are burned out

  • you used to love writing but are seriously considering quitting

  • your writing life has become boring and mundane

  • you are a professional writer

  • you are a want-to-be writer who never figured out how to get started

  • you are stuck, stalled, avoidant and thoroughly disillusioned

  • you have a love/hate relationship with writing

  • you’re pretty much okay with writing but there’s just a little something missing these days

Kerry’s coaching is thorough and targeted (like a Ty-D-Bol flush for the psyche, a Marie Kondo purge for the creative soul) and her meditations helped clear the cobwebs of old, bad habits and behaviors.

I’m excited, humbled, and outright gleeful to introduce Dancing with Your Demons: Transforming Writer Wounds, a revolutionary class that employs the powerful transformational techniques of guided meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, Forgiveness, and journaling to heal our writer wounds so we can stop expending creative energy fighting ourselves, leaving us free to explore our deepest creative potential.

Dancing with Your Demons was born out of my own writing journey. About eight years ago, before my first novel was published, I was in a place where I considered quitting writing — not for the first time. My entire writing life had been spent fighting my job, my loved ones, and myself for permission and time and validation for my writing. Today, I’m a joyful full time writer who wastes very little time on procrastination or futile battles with my critic.

I’ve learned to dance with my demons instead of going to war with them, and this is the transformational work I now get to teach to you!

In addition to my personal experiences, I’m also a licensed mental health counselor and a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, with years of experience in guided imagery.

Kerry’s style of coaching will take you on an unexpected journey that will unlock your imagination.
— — M.B., CLIENT

Dancing with Your Demons is offered in a virtual group format

We'll meet in an online “zoom room” once a week for six weeks. All sessions are an interactive, dynamic format including live guided meditations, journaling experiences, group sharing, and more. Between sessions you'll be supported in a private Facebook group, which will continue to be available for another 6 weeks beyond the end of the class to facilitate continued growth, transformation, and healing.

We will cover the following:

Week One: stepping into healing - class overview, getting acquainted with each other & our demons, and an introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Week Two: Healing your inner critic – fighting your inner critic or trying to silence it puts you at war with yourself. Before we can integrate and make peace with our own darkness we'll work to consciously hear the inner critic and identify memories of where that toxic self criticism came from

Week Three: the miraculous power of forgiveness - we'll do deeper memory work and apply the process of forgiveness to those who have harmed our creativity - including ourselves.

Week Four: Self Sabotage - we'll work to identify our own sabotage points and processes, again using EFT and forgiveness work to allow ourselves to exceed our invisible upper limits (recommended book - The Big Leap: conquer your hidden fear and take life to the next level by Gay Hendricks)

Week Five: Harnessing the power of helpful questions – we will shift our self talk by learning to replace our automatic, negatively focused questions to helpful ones such as, Where am I already creative? Where do I find creative joy? What do I love? Where does my greatest passion touch the world’s greatest pain?

Week Six: Celebrating and claiming your abundant creative life A celebration of the healing work you've done throughout the class, with emphasis on small steps to move us forward.

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