What if the Hare Had it Right?

We've been hating on the hare for centuries, while lauding his plodding companion. I've been pondering that of late, and I think maybe we owe an apology to the hare.

It's all about perspective.

If the goal is to win the race, then clearly the tortoise came out ahead. But what if that's not really the goal? What if the whole purpose of life is to explore and have adventures, rather than to end up the victor in some sort of contest to collect the most toys, fame, or success?

I can't help wondering what adventures the hare may have had while he was racing around not winning the race. Did he smell some flowers? Eat some carrots? Cavort with a flock of butterflies? Should we really expect a hare to run in a straight line from A to Z, or is it in his nature to explore?

Honesty time.

Part of what is triggering my thoughts on the hare is my own rather erratic journey. 

I have been many different things in my life, and plan to be many more. Radical shifts of direction are nothing new for me. Every time I try to be a tortoise, aiming logically and earnestly for some specific goal, another goal tempts me to go haring off in a new direction.

I regret none of it. 

Opportunity showed up at my door this week and asked if I wanted to come out and play. It was dressed in a hooded cape, like the dwarves who came to visit Bilbo Baggins. It had a gleam of danger in its eyes and a treasure map in its hand.

I was in. (And I will tell you more about all of this sooner. Hint: it involves planning creativity retreats with a brand new collaborator)

Course changes and detours are not always big things. Sometimes it's little stuff. This day, for example, has been an exercise in doing a bunch of really awesome things - most of which were not on my To Do List. I've been able to navigate them because of a willingness to change course and pursue the butterflies.

I believe it's important to have a goal and focus energy on it. I also believe it's important to be able to make a shift when another goal, or an altered goal, presents itself.

It's all about balance.

When we're stuck in tortoise mode we're so focused on Point A to Point B that we might miss out on some awesome detours. If we're flitting about from one thing to another, we might never get to Point B. I'm proposing that we become a hybrid creature, part tortoise, part hare.

Speaking of balance, we all need work, play, and a healthy dose of creativity in our lives, so this is your invitation to come and play in the Dreamweaver's Attic! I'm ridiculously excited about this venture with my friend and sister KMCC coach Sarah Sadie. You can check out our new Facebook page here. Or, take it a step further and join us for a fun, creativity inspiring class.

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February Fun: Creativity Pick-Me-Ups (A Dreamweaver's Attic Online Class)

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Kerry Schafer