Caution: Creativity Ahead

Kerry Schafer, KMCC coach, author, creative human being

KMCC Creativity Coaching and the Swimming North approach

I work from the philosophy that  small steps  and small questions can lead us to big and wonderful results, and also that life is a creative project that we can approach with joy.

You are a creative being. Maybe you know that already. Maybe you don't. We are all born with that spark. If you don't believe me, just watch a small child with paper and crayons, at that age before she's been told that an elephant can't be purple and that her people don't look "realistic." Watch a couple of small people play a game of make-believe. 

What happens? We get blocked. We are told that our creative efforts aren't good enough. That we don't measure up. We are told that creativity isn't important in the real world, that we need to grow up and focus on skills that will make us money.

But what if creativity is one of our most important human gifts?

When we buy into the worldview that creativity is a small and worthless thing to be shuffled off into dusty corners and unused pockets of time, we are betraying something vital within us. It took me many long years to understand this truth, but I'm so exceedingly grateful to have figured it out.

If you have found your way here, on some level you already know this to be true. You need to create things, in the same way you need to eat and breathe.

Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching (KMCC) is designed to gently guide you through the blocks that are getting in the way of your creative flow. Procrastination, avoidance, fear, guilt, harsh self talk, and an abundance of other problems are common to us all. 

Coaching helps you understand what is getting in your way, and gives you effective (and simple) tools for working around, over, under and through your blocks, and maybe even clearing them to allow your inner wild, creative star to shine.

From the website of KMCC founder and coach extraordinaire, Jill Badonsky:

KMCC's distinctive and original techniques provide a creative pathway which makes the creative process easier, less fear driven, and more enjoyable for anyone including those who never before considered themselves creative. This model integrates the components of positive psychology with spirituality, common sense, and a deep understanding of what enhances the creative process.

I bring to this process my education and experience as a counselor, an RN, an author, a day-dreamer, a seeker, and a human being. 

Sessions can take place either by phone, or online--so distance is never a barrier.

If you are overwhelmed, procrastinating, blocked, or just want to experience more joy in the process of your artistic endeavors or in seeking wellness of body, mind, and spirit, let's talk.

 You can Email me and tell me a little bit about what is going on, or click here to schedule a free fifteen minute phone consult to explore the possibilities.

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